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Last updated 11 april 2024

Company name:

Ronie Fox & Kizomba



Mail: [email protected]

Ronie Saleh, and the company Ronie Fox & Kizomba with domain www.roniesaleh.com welcomes you to the Ronie Saleh Dance Academy & Community.

Read the guidelines and limitations that regulate your utilization of the website(s), products, services, and applications collectively referred to as the “Services.”

For any inquiries, comments, or concerns regarding these terms or the Services, feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected] or chat with us which is a mych faster way and your inquiry will also be sent to the same mail as metioned i am unavailable to answer instantly.

General Conditions & Granting Rights:

roniesaleh.com the company, provides customers the right to access and watch payment service content as you are agreeing to terms and conditions.

Company rights and Maintenance Rights:

The company,

Ronie Fox & Kizomba, www.roniesaleh.com, reserves the right to conduct maintenance at any time, with the flexibility to extend it as necessary. In the event maintenance exceeds 3-4 days, members will still will be updated on how to proceeed with access to their content.

Downtime Management:

If the site/domain experiences downtime exceeding 2-3 days, efforts will be made to provide temporary access to course content on an alternative site until the issue is resolved with hosting or system providers. If its slow we will get in touch and have this resolved with the systemprovider/hosting.

Issue Resolution Authority:


holds the right to address and resolve any platform issues promptly. Members will have timely access to their content either on the current platform or temporarily on an alternate site until the platform issue is resolved. You will be notified either by email, Community, Facebook Group, Instagram or any other ways possible. No matter what you will never loose your right to your content.

Forum Accountability:

The company is not accountable for forum discussion issues stemming from system provider concerns. In case of a serious forum disruption, roniesaleh.com reserves the right to reset and restart discussions for all members without any legal implications or even payment money back obligations. The company has the right to try to solve any issues facing it. If you have a subscription plan your access will be extented with the amount of days lost due to temporary issues.

The company is not obliged to give you back any discussions in any forum you are in as this is something that you as a member is responsible for to accept that what you write in the forums will not be removed so, please adhere to rules and obligations regarding handling your own statements in the forums.

Be respectable and responsible for what you say to members. Remember that this is a joyful dance community where dancers/members can meet and discuss. If the rules of engagement with members is not fully respected you might be warned and then removed from having access to the community and just access the right to your own content /package.

Data Backups:

Regular backups (1-2 times a day) are performed through the hosting provider, , ensuring the retrieval of the latest backup in case of any data loss.

Financial Resolution:


the company is not obligated to refund money when an issue occurs impacting the site for a short period of time as it has the right to actively address and attempt to resolve any technical issues, providing members an opportunity to access their content while the platform issues is being solved. We will always solve it for you in any case by extending your period so it amounts to period of your subscirption plan.

Customer Responsibilities:

-Abide and respect the rules of the community, not to harass anyone, any member, don´t use the community for anything other than what it is, a dance community. If this is not respected, you will get a warning and then might be blocked from the community itself and only gain access the right to your content of which is all unlimited course content for the period of the subscription you have chosen upon buying. Maintain confidentiality, not distribute content to third parties, and respect the product image and content.


Both parties agree to waive any jurisdiction, submitting to Courts in Sweden.

Payment Methods and Fees: Credit card/debit card , Paypal, stripe.

Price and Subscription Plans: (all plans is included with incl VAT) and 14 days trial period & Refund in 1 year plan only!

  1. Enjoy 7 Days Full Access to Unlimited Courses in Kizomba, Bachata, and upcoming FOX Dance Courses (in Swedish, available soon) for just €25 incl VAT, with a One-Time Payment Purchase. No trial period included, and does not include the instructors courses.

  2. Get access to our Yearly Membership plan for €350 incl VAT. 14 days Trial period offered with full refund exclusive bankfees and any other fees that could have occoured upon purchase and also this plan does not include instructors courses however the
    Yearly Plan includes Full Access to Unlimited Courses in Kizomba, Bachata, and upcoming FOX Dance Courses (in Swedish)

  3. Access instructor courses with a one-time payment Purchase & Life time access. No trial period offered, and does not include Kizomba, Bachata and FOXKIZ courses such as the ones in 7 days and 1 yearly subscription plan.

    Any changes to plans or prices will be implemented no earlier than 15 days after notice. Payment Options: Ronie Fox & Kizomba, available at roniesaleh.com, accepts various payment methods including Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal, all processed securely online through our platform with Stripe.

  4. Payment Commitment: Customers are required to adhere to the payment terms outlined in the commercial offer, including the program’s price, payment method, and schedule.

Outstanding Payments:


Outstanding payment refers to any incomplete payment by the customer, and the company, Ronie Fox & kizomba

roniesaleh.com may cancel access in such cases.

Additional Payment Period:

The company, roniesaleh.com reserves the right to offer an additional payment period for outstanding payments.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation Process:

We dont offer a cancellation policy on all of our pricing plans. If you are unsecure please try our €25 - 7 days period to test it out if its to your liking and then decide if you want to upgrade or not to 1 year plan.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our emails, we kindly request that you first reach out to us via groupchat inside the community or on the homepage or email. Rather than simply unsubscribing, which could potentially impact our SEO score, we encourage you to contact us directly to specify your preferences regarding information and communications. We are more than happy to assist you with this process and ensure that your needs are met accordingly.

We want to assure you that we never intend to send spam to any of our members, and we never will. However, if you choose to unsubscribe, please be aware that you may miss out on important content, information, news, updates, and changes regarding our courses, events, or billing reminders as your plan approaches expiration. We value your membership and aim to keep you informed, so please consider this when deciding to unsubscribe.

If you find our emails in your spam filter, we kindly ask you to update your settings by whitelisting our email address or marking it with a star in your mailbox. This will ensure that you receive future information from us without any issues. Your engagement with our emails is important to us, and we want to make sure you stay informed about our updates and offerings. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Cancellation and Payment Terms:

1. We Do NOT offer trial period or REFUNDS for the €25 7-day plan , unlimited access period. Should you choose to continue with a 1 Yearly plan.

2. We Offer 14 days trial period and refunds for ONLY for the 1 year/annul membership plan

Your yearly membership will be active for 1 year from the date of purchase, and if you decide not to continue after the first 14 days trial period has ended in the 1 year plan, you'll need to continue until your 1 year period of 12 month has ended. As it is a one-time Annual Yearly plan you will not be subjected to a recurring payment plan. You decide later on the following year if you would like to continue with addtional 1 year plan and will be able to buy it again if you so want.

To simplify, we accept one-time payments purchses for the 7-day period access, Annual payment, and instructor courses.
There are no recurring payment option as we always want people to decide if they have enjoyed and been given high value after the 7 days full access period Full access to the dance courses and the Dance Community.

3. The instructors courses - we DO NOT offer a trial period or refunds for this package.

If you have any questions regarding these terms, please feel free to reach out to us via groupchat or email at: [email protected]

Or through our chatbot.

Payment Terms on 3 options in our pricing plan.:

7 days period Unlimited courses/classes in Kizomba, Bachata, FOXKIZ, Dance courses(in Swedish, available soon) for a one-time fee of €25. No trial period or refunds are offered in this plan. (Access to this 7 days plan does not inlude the instructor courses). Access to Dance Community but as a bonus it includes access to dance community during this 7 days period.

Live events are not included and this is not a liftime access.


1 Year Annual Membership plan at €350. We offer 14 days trial period with refunds exclusive bankfees and any other fees that could have occoured upon purchase. Bankfees or any such type is not refundable as its not on our end.
(1 yearly /Annual plan are not part of instructor courses and this is not a liftime access either).

This plan gives access to the Dance Community as a bonus and upcoming live events when announced. Full Access to Unlimited Courses in Kizomba, Bachata, and upcoming FOX Dance Courses (in Swedish)

Instructor courses with a one-time payment fee €799. Life Time Access . No trial period or refunds are offered in this plan.

This courses gives access to the Dance Community as a bonus and upcoming live events when announced.

After the expiration of the specified time period for the different plans.

Deleted profiles "upon written request from members " are retained for a duration of one month (30 days) before the system initiates their automatic removal. Therefore, if you opt for deletion due to inactivity or non-proceeding with a membership, your account will enter a 'temporary state' within the deleted profiles section. Rest assured, we have no control over this process, but guarantee the eventual deletion of your contact info, after 1 month ( 30 days) from the deletion date. The system autonomously handles the removal process, ensuring that your profile is securely purged after the one-month retention period starting from the deletions date.

When does the subscription period begin and end?

The subscription period begins for the 7 days and 1 year annual plan on the day of purchase for each plan,
No trial period or refunds are part off the 7 days subscription plan.

1 year plan runs for the duration of the annual plan from the purchase date and, totaling 12 consecutive months. Please be aware that we do not apply recurring payments after your initial purchase.However you are asked to pay again once 1 year has passed if you would like to keep your access you will need to re-purchase again to keep your access to the courses, events and dance community.

14 days trial period are offered for the 1 year annual subscription plan ONLY with refund exclusive bankfees and any other fees that could have occoured upon purchase. Bankfees or any such type is therefore not refundable as it´s not on our end.

To ensure effective communication and updates, it's essential for us to maintain contact with you. With one-time payment plans, you will only be charged once at a time upon your decition to purchase again the next time its time for your extention.
This applies if you wish to continue your subscription plan and keep your current courses/access as well as any future offerings.

Remember the card fees that occurs when you buy a course is not subjected to repayment from us as this is something that is charged as bankfees from the banks itself.

It is imperative to know that after your 12-month period has passed you dont get charged for recurring period of 1 yearly payment plan. We will send you a reminder if you still want to proceed so please don´t unsubscribe to our mail-outreach and also keep yourself updated on the amount of months/days that has passed of your 12 month period.

The subscription plans gives you access to all Kizomba, Bachata ,upcoming Fox courses and all future updates with new courses for up to 7 days and Yearly (12 months). These 2 plans are not subjected to a lifetime access. They are not part of the Instructors courses with certification which is subjected to Lifetime access as they are a different type of courses category.

Also the previous members & supporters that used to buy courses before the subscriptions plan was instroduced are subjected to lifetime access for the courses they had bought as this was part of the older model back then, but is no longer existing as of april 10 th 2024

Even previous old buyers, are subjected to 12 month period access if they want to keep having access to all new courses that will be introduced along the way now and in the future within the yearly subscription plan if they choose to subscribe to the yearly membership plan.

All plans is subjected to a one time payment. It means you will only be charged once but adviced to upgrade or extend your plan when your period is about to expire and thus be charged again if you choose to buy.

At our end you don´t have an account where your can log into and see your invoices or other info, (as this is all sent to your given mail upon your purchase), but instead you get access to the clientportal where the library of your content is locatet and access to the community. We only store your contact info and it helps us to reach you.

For the Instructors courses of which is “one-time payment and lifetime access”, does not have a trial period or refunds for this package.

However, access to your instructor Course content will always be available as its on lifetime and the bonus access to community. Instructors courses are part of a “lifetime access” as they are a seperate type of courses with certification than the ordinary dance courses offered in the subscription plan 12 months (Yearly) plan & 7 days period(does not have Lifetime access only subscription period of 7 days and 1 year option).


Failure to communicate a cancellation implies continued participation, and unsubscribing for our mails/news may result in the loss of access to your content as we will not be able to reach you and remind your to upgrade later on. It´s on your on risk to unsubscribe but also be aware that we never spam. You are always welcome to contact us by any means and we will sort it all out togheter.

Right of Modification & Changes to Terms:

The company, Ronie Fox & Kizomba

roniesaleh.com can modify terms and conditions at anytime but also try to, notify users through the community site and the website

roniesaleh.com if it see fit and needed.

Website Access:


reserves the right to suspend website access and make necessary modifications without prior notice.

Right to do bigger changes in the future that can have an impact on the platform.

The company retains the authority to make decisions regarding the continuity of the community platform. Any such determinations that could affect the community platform will be promptly communicated to all existing members through notifications in the different channels and ways possible. It is important to note that decisions pertaining to the community platform will not impact the accessibility of course content, as the latter is distinct and separate from the community service and just a part of it as a bonus offer so you all can enjoy your own dance community with dancers all over the world at any time you wish to engage in dialog with dancer.

All subscribers are assured continuous access to their content throughout the subscription period, ensuring an uninterrupted and consistent experience. Any future changes to the platsform or any other changes with big impact you will always be notified of such decisions before they occur.

The company has no obligation to give you or any member any discussions data from the community groups as this is not possible technically to provide and the workload it might mean even if the community might not exist in the future you will always have access to your content which is actually what you are purchasing.

The community features/groups-/chats is just a bonus that we want to offer you as members and not subjected to a liftime access if we choose to change platform in the future. The groupchats and forums in the community is a bonus and is offered in all plans.

Let´s begin your dance journey!

Ronie Saleh

Ronie Fox & Kizomba