• 11 Classes (each one around 20-40 min long) The techniques and details behind great leading and following

  • Variations & Creativity rather than long sequences of steps

  • Creativity tools

  • Energy levels

  • Basic 1, 2 & 3

  • Basic 3 with turns

  • Open up, Circular chacha, Virgula

  • Men Saida, Lady Saida

  • Diff ways to combine both Men- & Lady Saida

  • Musicality on different levels

  • Ethics & Respect

  • Fundamentals of Ronie’s kizomba fusion style

  • Focus on Variations of steps rather than long sequences of steps

  • The secrets behind great Leading and Following

  • Tempo variations

  • Cool Moves

  • Connection & Flow

  • How to use variations based on a shorter sequence of steps

  • Different ways of finishing steps

  • Musicality

  • 7 Classes – Each class focusing on one set of skills and their variations

  • 1 Bonus Musicality class – 1 hour special class of advanced musicality

  • Turns & Spins with different tempo & directions

  • Arm and Leg lifts

  • Leading from behind and from each side

  • Torso turns

  • 7 Classes (each one around 20-45 min) – Variations & Creativity Tools rather than long sequences of steps.

  • 1 Elegant Leg Sweeps

  • 2. Shoulder Turns

  • 3. Leg Lifts

  • 4. In Turns

  • 5. From Behind

  • 6. Feet Pushes & Sweeps

  • 7. MUSICALITY– Using steps from this course to catch specific parts of the music, the mindset of being in the moment when dancing to the song

  • 9 Classes – Variations & Creativity Tools rather than long sequences of steps.

  • 1 Both Sides

  • 2. Leg Sweeps

  • 3. Behind

  • 4. Direction Changes

  • 5. TangoKiz

  • 6. CrissCross

  • 7. PaPaPa

  • 8. Musicality – Theory

  • 9. MUSICALITY – Using steps from the classes to catch specific parts of the music

  • 12 Classes (Unleash Your Style like never before!)

  • 1. Body awareness- take control!

  • 2. Short Choreo

  • 3. Footwork 1 – intro

  • 4. Footwork 2 – improvement

  • 5. Footwork 3 - Explore

  • 6. Footwork 4 – Glide & Flow

  • 7. Leglifts – Direction & speed

  • 8. Energies

  • 9. Slowmotion- Dynamic expression

  • 10. Cutting – Catch element in songs

  • 11. Spins

  • 12. Musicality – choreography


Kizomba Advanced VOL 4

8 Classes

(Included in the 7 days & 1 year subscription plan)





  • Class 1 – Different Basics, Arm positions

  • Class 2 – SideOpens, Energy Levels,
    Circular, Finishing 8ths.

  • Class 3 – From Behind for both

  • Class 4 – Hips, Waves, Solo

  • Class 5 – Turns, Creativity Tools, Polarity

  • Class 6 – MUSICALITY

  • Class 1 – Ways of playing between 5-8

  • Class 2 – Head Rolls

  • Class 3 – Changing positions, turning

  • Class 4 – Dips, Legs, Arms

  • Class 5 – Open position, flying, mixing

  • Class 6 – MUSICALITY – Using steps from
    this course to catch specific parts of the
    music + More

  • Class 1 – Leglifts, Energy Levels

  • Class 2 – Leglifts from behind

  • Class 3 – Hip Turns from diff positions

  • Class 4 – Cross Legs/Lady Saida Walk, Lean & Lift

  • Class 5 – Side Turns & Diprolls body & head

  • Class 6 – MUSICALITY

  • Introduction – Frame, Core, Resistance

  • Class 1.Block – Sidewalk,Spinn-out,Push

  • Class 2.Thunnel – Circle Walk,Side Weight Transfer, Upbody Block

  • Class 3.Over Head – Shadow Position, Exit of Front Weight Transfer,Spin,

  • Class 4.Side dips – Exiting Front,Horizontal,Sidemove,Down-Up,Lady Styling Dip,Entry Variation

  • Class 5.Both sides – Mirror Variations Tempo Shifting in Spinn-out,Back Meeting, Back Block Down-Up,Spicy Hip

  • Class 6.Mixed Pics – Kizomba & Tango Inspired Steps, Leglift-spinn,Body-lift,Forward-Walk,Side Leg Slide,Switching,Tango Back Kicks Side Leg Hook.

  • Class 7.MUSICALITY – Learn to adapt steps from each class to different parts of the Music. Fun New Steps!





FOXKIZ - 2024

swedish course

(coming to the 7 DayS & 1 year subscription plan)




What You Will Learn In This Course

  • My Story & Inspiration – Background, Passion-Time-Expert-Money

  • Equipment – Microphone, Bluetooth receiver, Phones & Apps, Promotion, Clothes, Watch

  • Speech – Tempo, Repetition, Pauses, Connection exercises, Tone, Prolongation

  • Body Language & Class Atmosphere – Involve your students, Expectations, Be a leader

  • Dealing with organizers – Your value, Passion & money, 5 Biggest regrets, Negotiation, Conditions in my contract, Loyalty, Dare to say no.

  • Teaching Method – Name and brand, Unleash creativity, Benefits of variations instead of long sequences, How to find new steps to teach, Structure in teaching, Techniques,

  • Musicality – Plan your musicality, Loop a sequence, Creativity tools,

  • Summary & Additions – Storytelling, Couples or solo artist, How to use videos, Video editing programs, My income, Promote yourself, Answering question, CERTIFICATION

  • And much more…

8 complete classes – Each class covers different aspect of being an instructor and how you can master those skills

More than 4 hours of content – Every single minute gives you useful information that will help you take your career to the next level

Certification – At the end of the course you get the chance to take an exam via video call with me. Once successfully completed , you will get a certificate
and your name will be added on the website recognised as an official teacher of the Unleash Your Spirit method

Music playlist – I share with you playlists for each dance style where I collect my most recent favourite hits

A Dance Community – To Connect with other members, join groups, follow members and socialise, share inspiration, get
support and mentoring

Unlimited access to the instructor classes – You can follow the course at your own rhythm, you will have lifetime access to all the instructor content






Den välkände dansinstruktören Ronie Saleh, som gett FOX kurser över hela Sverige & Kizomba workshops i över 80+ länder, har nu efter stor efterfrågan skapat denna Instruktörskurs i FOX. Han säger själv att detta är den Ultimata instruktörskursen som han önskade att han hade haft när han började undervisa. Med sin stora erfarenhet delar han med sig av sina hemligheter till hur man blir en enastående Fox instruktör och täcker samtliga olika områden inom ämnet. Med ca 5 h inspelat material hälsar han er varmt välkomna till en spännande upptäcktsresa!


12 Videos – Varje lektion täcker olika delar av att vara en instruktör och hur man bemästrar de egenskaperna.

Totalt ca 5h inspelat kursmaterial – Detta material har som motivation att ta din instruktörsresa till nästa nivå.

Exclusive till Dance Community – Denna platform är speciellt dedikerad för instruktörer som tagit denna kurs och som vill dela med sig av sina tankar och erfarenheter med varandra, där även jag finns som en mentor.

Obegränsad tillgång till kursmaterialet – Du kan följa klasserna efter egen rytm, ni har tillgång till klasserna närsomhelst.

Obegränsad Access – Du kan titta på dina videor på vilken enhet som helst, ta del av Dance Community, följa gupper, följa medlemmar , se vilka som är online mm.


I slutet av kursen har vi en examinering via videochat med mig (kursgenomgång) samt att ni skickar in en inspelning av er där ni undervisar, och ni får feedback på videon. Efter genomförd kurs finns jag för er som en mentor, så ni kan känna er trygga om ni skulle ha frågor om er undervisning framöver. Om ni vill kommer ert namn finnas på hemsidan bland andra som tagit certifikatet för denna instruktörskurs i Fox.


Take Your Classes On Any Device

Watch the Classes as you prefer on Mobile, Laptop/Desktop/Tablet or TV.

Watch it in your own pace, rewind, slow down, repeat as you


Exclusive Online Dance

Exclusive Online Dance Community where you

can share your experience with others and

connect with new friends & instructors from all

corners of the world.

Membership - Subscription Options

Unleash Your Spirit with Unlimited Access for €25 - Valid 7 Days!

YearlY / Annual 1 year One- Time Purchase SubSCRIPtiON €350 Valid 12 MONTHS!

Kizomba & Fox Instructor Courses - One Time purchase - Lifetime Access

All 3 options - Gets access to the Dance community

Unleash Your Spirit with with unlimited access for €25 For 7 Days!

we are also helping our current 700+ members to transition to our new platform

7 Day period

  • One-Time Purchase


incl. VAT

  • Get access to all Kizomba, Bachata Classes

  • FoxKiz Classes( in swedish)

  • Connect with other members within the community.

  • Engage in groups and forums of your liking and interest.

  • Connect with other instructors within the community.

  • Live Events not included

  • See your courses in any device

  • Trial period and refund- Read our FAQ and Terms Condition


Yearly Payment


incl. VAT

  • Get access to all Kizomba, Bachata + all upcoming classes.

  • FoxKiz Classes( in swedish)

  • Connect with other members within the community.

  • Engage in groups and forums of your liking and interest.

  • Connect with other instructors within the community.

  • Live Events
    (when announced)

  • See your courses in any device

  • Trial period and refund- Read our FAQ and Terms Conditions

Kizomba Instructor

One Time Purchase


incl. VAT

  • Connect with other instructors within the community.

  • Connect with other members within the community.

  • Engage in groups and forums of your liking and interest.

  • Live events
    (when announced)

  • Mentorship by Ronie Saleh

  • See your courses in any device

  • Certification

  • Trial period and refund- Read our FAQ and Terms Condition

Fox Instruktörskurs

One TIme Purchase


incl, VAT

  • Kom i kontakt med andra instruktörer inom dansen

  • Gå med i dansgrupper och forum som intresserar dig.

  • Live events
    (när det utannonseras)

  • Mentorskap med Ronie Saleh

  • Se dina kurser med en mängd enheter

  • Certifiering

  • Provperiod och återbetalning - Läs våra vanliga frågor och villkor

Unlimited Access To ALL Kizomba & Bachata & FOX Dance Classes for only €25 For 7 Days!



Do I get a certificate?

Standard student’s courses do not offer a certificate.

Participants of the Instructors’ Course DO GET a certificate after a successful exam via video call after completing the course. Certified instructors will also be recognised on the website confirming their official status and be availble to connect to inside the Dance Community platform.

Can I ask questions?

Of course!  You can always send a comments to [email protected] or connect with us inside the community groupchat or send a message to Ronie on facebook if you have any questions related to the content or platform.

Can I use any device to see my content?

Absolutely. There’s nothing like having an arsenal of lessons available to you whenever you want to practice.

The platform is a based on being a “webapp” meaning you can conveniently just login in to the platform from the website www.roniesaleh.com and hit login and all courses and the community will work on any device of your liking from mobile, laptop, desktop or streaming to your TV. We are working on getting an app on both appstore and playstore hopefully in the near future.

Do you offer Trial Period & Refunds?

€25 7 days/period subscription plan - NO Trial Period or Refunds applies on this plan.

€350 Annual/Yearly - 12 months subscription plan: Yes! 14 days Trial Period & Full Refund, not included any bankfees that may have been applied.

€799 instructors cours - Life time access: NO Trial Period or Refunds applies on this plan.

We are extremely confident in our  lessons, so we offer you Unlimited Access to all Kizomba, Bachata and upcoming FoxKiz Classes for only  €25 - 7 days/period!.

We do offer trial period of 14 days thus, refunds apply only on the 1 Yearly/annual subscription plan but not the 25 - 7 days period and the instructors courses €799

By choosing to upgrade to yearly plan you will keep being part of the groups/forums and also keep getting news and upcoming courses that will be added to the yearly membership plan. No plans/subscriptions has reccurent payment plan. Simply just one-time fee at the time of purchase.

However the 1 year annual payment plan is a subscription that is valid for 12 months, with just one-time fee and no reccurent payment/installments at the time of purchase. You have the option to buy additonal 1 year membership after your 12 month has passed.

We offer refunds within the 14 days trial period from the time of purchase on the above mentions course which includes 1 year subscription plan This does not include the 7 days plan for 25, as this is not within the 14 days timeframe of purchase and not the instructors courses either.

Remember also that the card fees that is added when you buy a course is not subjected to repayment from us as this is something that is charged as bankfees from the banks itself and the choosen payment platform you buy from.

Please send us a written mail to [email protected] with your name, mail if you want a refund on the 1 year subscription plan. No questions ask from our end.

We think that by having a chance to really experience all the courses and the amount of improvement you feel that you are experiencing through the 7 days plan/period, the yearly membership will be an amazing way for you to always be getting new courses, free classes , be part of groups and meet and engage in dialog with dancers just like you in all stages all around the world in the dance community.

If you have any questions about this you are welcome to chat with us, or just send us a mail to [email protected] .
Please go through our Terms & Conditions & Private Policy for more details.

Do I need a credit card to purchase?

No! We also use Paypal so your payments can come directly from your PayPal account. Also, some debit cards can function as credit cards and we also accept those.

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